Virtual Training Grounds

Virtual Training Grounds

In this lab-based series, get hands on experience in virtual ICS networks and 3D simulated plant environments.

  • Launch real-world attacks on virtual ICS networks
    • Modbus, OPC UA, Ethernet/IP, MQTT
    • PLCs, HMIs, Historians, IIoT
  • Experience the physical consequences of ICS attacks in the 3D simulated plants
  • Practice hardening and defending ICS networks against common threats
  • New Exercises Monthly

Basic Training

In this lecture-based series, learn foundational concepts of cybersecurity, industrial control systems (ICS), operational technology (OT), and the unique challenges of securing ICS. (In development, early access available).

  • Learn fundamental concepts of cybersecurity and industrial control systems (ICS) .
  • Explore the similarities and differences when securing IT and ICS networks.
  • Prepare for ICS focused security certifications like the GICSP and the CSSA.
"We have been learning a tremendous amount through these lessons. We have been actively turning around and applying the lessons internally to our own work in house"
IoT Infrastructure and Manufacturing Networks
"I don't recall having this much fun learning stuff in recent history!"
Manufacturing Technology