Key Benefits

LogicWatch passively monitors traffic on industrial networks, using deep packet inspection and signature databases to identify key assets, correlate them with known vulnerabilities, and alert operators of potential threats to safety and security.

Explore your network in our graphical topology visualization

Identify your current assets and track how they change over time

Discover which assets have known vulnerabilities

Detect threats to your network and prevent unexpected downtime.




LogicWatch Pro

Key Benefits

LogicWatch Pro uses patented technology to monitor controller logic for anomalous behavior and alert operators when that behavior changes, either as a result of a remote attacker exploiting a zero day vulnerability, or a careless contractor performing maintenance on the wrong controller. 


Deploy our lightweight agent using native IEC 61131 controller code on any vendor ​

Monitor program execution behavior to better understand your process

Detect when the program is modified by zero day exploits or downloads over the serial port, unseen by network monitoring

Fortify your network

Combining the network visibility of LogicWatch with the advanced insider threat detection of LogicWatch Pro fortifies your network with a multi-layer approach.