UI Engineer

Company Description

We live in a world where cyber-attacks are an everyday fact of life, and it is a question of “when” not “if” these attacks will result in physical damage to the nation’s critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. Whether it is from a nation-state attacker attempting to bring down the power grid or just a careless factory employee performing maintenance on the wrong controller, our mission is to protect these networks. Based on cutting-edge Georgia Tech research and advised by a team of network security startup veterans, Fortiphyd Logic equips operators with the tools and training they need to defend their industrial networks from cyberattacks.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced and motivated UI Engineer to support our core network monitoring and intrusion detection system product. The new engineer will primarily be expected to help design, implement, and test various front-end features of the web-based UI while also being flexible enough to help integrate and work with the backend developers when needed. The front-end work will include Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSON, PHP, and PostgreSQL, while the backend will be C++ on Linux.


  • BS Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 3 years software development experience in industry
  • JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, JSON
  • Shared passion for our mission, and excited to join an energetic young startup
  • US Citizen
  • 6 years industry experience, with involvement in every stage of a software product from initial planning through maintenance
  • TypeScript, Redux, PHP, Laravel, Python, PostgreSQL, C++
  • Familiarity with network security, anomaly detection, or industrial control systems
  • Follower of Agile development methods
  • Practice continuous integration


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